Auckland Park Property 3.

  • Auckland park

property is literally across the road from UJ AUCKLAND PARK CAMPUS. Its next to a Ria via route and regular Taxi route as well as a walking distance from Campus Square mall and Helen Joseph hospital as well as Melville.

We have a security camera on premises and vigilant management. We accept all genders. We do not allow violence, drug use, or any form of harassment on the property. The property should be a home and safe heaven for all occupants.

Rentals rate range from the following:
  • 4 rooms are priced at 3200 (each 2 rooms share a bathroom)
  • 2 room (ensuites) priced at R4000
  • 4 room priced at 3500  (each 2 rooms share a bathroom)
    10 rooms in total
  • Rental is inclusive of water but electricity is subsidies up to R250 per area.


  • Washing machines
  • 3 Microwaves on property
  • 3 Fridges on property
  • The cleaner comes once a week
  • The gardener based on the cleaner request if she sees a need.

GraduIn Agent: 082 899 8535